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The following statement was created by members of the community in an effort to define the region as they saw it to be, during the 1996 Take Part Aspotogan sessions.

“The people of the Aspotogan region represent a community committed to the well-being of each resident and to fostering economic, social and cultural growth consistent with our lifestyles, traditions, environment and heritage.”

In the Beginning:

The Aspotogan Heritage Trust was created following the decision of the Government of Canada to close Canadian Forces Station Mill Cove in 1994. Formed as a limited-membership, non-profit society by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in October 1994, the Trust was established to administer a $2 million federal adjustment fund to respond to the social and economic consequences to the community, arising from the base closure.


Mill Cove Base

Our Community & Our Goals

Aspotogan Heritage Trust covers a specific geographical region from Black Point to East River (inclusive) and around the Aspotogan Peninsula. We are an organization that fosters and supports community groups within our region by facilitating the development of their visions into realities by providing resources and support. Aspotogan Heritage Trust also maintains that by building stronger families, we build a stronger community, therefore another priority is to increase support and resources for families in the AHT region, by supporting organizations that provide services to families.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Aspotogan Heritage Trust is to use its funds to encourage and support the social, cultural, environmental, educational and economic development of the Aspotogan region.

Our Values:

1. We embrace and support growth and change that is respectful of our region’s history and culture and that preserves or enhances individual connectivity to one another and provides for broad benefits to the community.
2. We value the land, waters and creatures and seek to protect these assets for the future enjoyment of all by influencing and encouraging management practices that seek to balance the preservation of these assets with the many demands placed on them.
3. We believe in being accountable and value critical commentary and compliments alike.
4. The Trust will treat all with whom it deals or employs without prejudice, regardless of sex, age, colour, creed, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.