The Academy Issue 002 #KidsMovieClub

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Today is the release of issue 002 of The Academy newsletter – a newsletter brimming with original content by children from the area! For this issue the children watched Zootopia, an Oscar winning film released in 2016 by Walt Disney Animation studios with a vital message. Zootopia is about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in an age of divisive politics. Before the movie, the children were told to think critically about the ‘moral’ of the movie and how Zootopia depicts ‘community.’ The children’s response to the movie, and the questions posited, were diverse and unique! Without further ado enjoy the second newsletter in the link below.

The Academy – Issue 002

The third take of #KidsMovieClub will be on Monday, March 6th! Shortly after the event the third issue of The Academy will be published on our website & shared on our social media. As always, for frequent updates follow our Facebook & Twitter.