The Academy Issue 003 #KidsMovieClub

Happy International Women’s Day! 

In honour of a day that celebrates gender equality, we are publishing our third issue of The Academy newsletter. For this issue, the children watched Moana, a 2016 Oscar nominated film that introduces a new Disney Princess who ventures across the ocean – despite having no experience wayfinding – to save her people. Before the film, the children were given sentence prompts about the role heroes and females in film. This exercise is an important one as film often shapes the way girls and boys see themselves – and unfortunately, oftentimes film has a negative impact on one’s perception. Moana is by no means the perfect Disney Princess – but she does stand as a model of how far the portrayal of girls and women have come in the Disney Universe. The hope is that in the future film depicts complete gender equality and role models that everyone can relate and look up to! And perhaps, the children that participated in #KidsMovieClub will be the ones making waves in the film industry. As always, the link to the full article follows below!

The Academy – Issue 003

The fourth take of #KidsMovieClub will be on Monday, March 13th! Shortly after the event, the fourth issue of The Academy will be published on our website & shared on our social media. As always, for frequent updates follow our Facebook & Twitter.