The Academy Issue 004 #KidsMoveClub

The wait for Issue 004 of The Academy newsletter is over!

This week for #KidsMovieClub the children viewed Big Miracle! This film is based on the true story of three Gray Whales that got stuck under ice in Barrow, Alaska, while migrating to California. Big Miracle subtly shows the significance of environmentalism, the impact of pollution, and the value of learning about other cultures. The film served as the perfect opportunity to discuss the current crisis that is global warming, and its impact on the ocean, as well as learn about the Iñupiat’s culture. The children took a global crisis and made it personal by telling their own stories about the Atlantic Ocean, and why it is important to protect it. The hope, really, is to create a environmentally conscious generation that aspires to change lifestyles that harm the planet and its creatures. As evident in the carefully written articles, the children’s writing and critical thinking has improved exponentially since Issue 001, so please – enjoy! As always, the link to the newsletter follows below!

The Academy – Issue 004

The fifth take of #KidsMovieClub will be on Monday, March 20th! Shortly after the event, the fifth issue of The Academy will be published on our website & shared on our social media. As always, for more frequent updates follow our Facebook & Twitter.