1. Who are We?
  2. What are our Roles and Guiding Principals?
  3. What is out Current Focus?
  4. How do I apply for Grants?
  5. What Services are Available?
  6. When are we Open?

Who Are We?

We are an organization that fosters and supports community groups within our region by facilitating the development of their visions into realities by providing necessary resources.

What are our Roles and Guiding Principals?

Three defining roles of the AHT are:

  •    Trustee: To manage the AHT funds for long-term growth and sustainability.
  •    Community Investor: By investing in new and/or existing businesses/projects in the local area to stimulate economic growth.
  •    Community Benefactor: By providing funding to other not-for-profit activities in the area, providing gifts and supportive activities to community organizations of at least $40,000 per year and supporting with blessings and/or donated funds active groups, worthwhile projects and educational programs.

What is our Current Focus?

  • To increase support and resources for families in the AHT region, by supporting organizations that provide services to families. By building stronger families, we build a stronger community.
  • To increase opportunities for skill development and training for youth and adults seeking employment and self-employment.
  • To increase opportunities for small business and job creation.
  • To provide resource coordination by offering a centralized venue for community events, facilities listings, equipment bookings, volunteer registry and a service/business directory.
  • To facilitate capacity building by coordinating the development/delivery of skill and capacity building workshops to organizations within the region.


How do I Apply for Grants & Scholarships?

There are several methods available for applying. You can visit the Aspotogan Heritage Trust building and pick up the applicable application or click here for grant guidelines and online forms.

What Services are Available at AHT?

To help facilitate community organizations and groups, we have an extensive list of services available from meeting spaces, equipment rental, photocopying and printing services, public internet access (C@P site), 24/7 free wireless internet access, computer lab & training, community coordinator service and more. There is no charge for meeting space or internet access but AHT does charge a nominal fee for photocopying and printing to cover costs.

When are we Open?

Our facilities are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). The boardrooms can be used almost anytime as long as you reserve in advance so that we can make arrangements to have the building opened. The wireless internet can be accessed after hours outside at any time.