Water Quality Testing Fox Point Lake

Over the past three months, as the SWAG teams Green Coordinator, I’ve been working with a couple volunteers who own cottages and homes on Fox Point Lake and Bluenose Coastal. We have been water quality testing Fox Point Lake, South and North inlets, and the outlet, for upkeep purposes.

Bluenose Coastal has generously supplied the equipment needed for this volunteer project. We used a YIS machine to test up to 17 meters deep, for dissolved oxygen levels, pH, milometers of Mercury, etc. We also tested the visibility of the lake water using a secchi disk. These test results increased significantly throughout the summer, which got up to 3.5 meters deep. In the stream surrounding Fox Point Lake we added in the Flow test, which resulted in the outlet being fast moving, while the inlet would usual record at 0 m/s.

I have learned a lot working with this group of people this summer; it has enabled me to utilize the skills I learned in my first year of Environmental Science at Holland Collage. I am excited for future opportunities working with the Hubbards and area community and dedicated to helping our community’s environment. I am very grateful for this opportunity the S.W.A.G. (Students With A Goal) team has given me.

Blog post by Megan Eagles